A Chance in Accra is a documentary movie made by film students from Offenburg, Germany. The movie portrays the work of the Universal Wonderful Street Academy, a school that offers free education to children from the poor neighborhoods in Accra, Ghana.

In the Jamestown district of Accra, many people cannot read or write. People live in very harsh conditions, mostly getting by as fishermen or traders. Children work from a very young age, in order to support their families. It is usually very hard for them to afford any kind of education, and therefor the growing up children face a lot of difficulties getting a job in the future. To address this big problem, the Ghanaian musician Louis Wonder set up a school for street children here. The film A Chance In Accra follows the work of the NGO and glimpses the lives of the children who hope that education will help them to have a better future.



Maximilian Finckh
Cinematography | Editing

Jonas Geisler
Producing | Directing | Editing

Erwin Gepting
Cinematography | Color Grading


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